“An investment in knowledge pays the highest interest”  Benjamin Franklin

Osteopathy for Massage Therapists

Increase your professional marketability by expanding your skill set into the field of Osteopathy. LCO offers massage therapists the opportunity to earn an Associate Certificate in Osteopathy  by following an ‘accelerated’ study track.

Comprehensive understanding of the human body and the skeletal framework is essential to a successful completion of this advanced study. If you are a practicing massage therapist and already posses a good understanding of anatomy and physiology,  you may earn your Associate Certificate by fulfilling the requirements of the following courses (The Osteopathic Bundle)

Learning how to integrate osteopathic principles and techniques into a massage treatment, will enable you to grow your current practice and expand your client base. Graduates of the Associate Certificate in Osteopathy program have an option to earn their Diploma in Osteopathic Manual Therapy by attending a 7-day clinical training held in Toronto, Canada or Barcelona, Spain in April and November each year.