“An investment in knowledge pays the highest interest” –  Benjamin Franklin

Osteopathy & Yoga Therapy

Today we are witnessing an explosive growth in the number of certified yoga teachers entering the already competitive wellness industry. How do you stand out in this crowded market? How do you become a sought-after yoga instructor in your community? Learning the clients’ needs particular to your local market environment, selecting a specific area you are passionate about and acquiring a needed skill set to match are the three main ingredients to a successful, resilient career.

If you’ve ever thought about expanding the therapeutic aspect of yoga teaching, then rest assured that there has never been a stronger public belief in practicing yoga as an effective way to restore health and vitality:

  • People from all ages and walks of life are seeking a safe alternative to pharmaceutically-driven medical care.
  • Aging baby boomers are attending classes in record numbers, many seeking relief from chronic conditions, including osteoporosis, arthritis, back pain and joint stiffness among others.
  • Worldwide, yoga is being accepted into the integrative health care model of today as a valuable therapeutic modality.

Yoga and Osteopathy working together:

The holistic philosophy of osteopathic medicine and the age-old discipline of yoga share remarkable parallels. Just like yoga, osteopathy aims for long-term vitality. Both yoga and osteopathy emphasize the importance of the anatomical alignment of the bones and soft tissues as a significant factor in a person’s health. Increasingly, yoga practitioners worldwide are seeking training in osteopathy to complement their teaching skills and expand their practice into the field of integrative therapy.

LCO offers comprehensive, efficient and affordable courses and programs designed to provide yoga professionals with in-depth knowledge of anatomy & physiology, biomechanics, musculoskeletal pathologies and osteopathic treatment modalities. By earning your certificate(s), you will be able to create and market specialized classes to specific student groups or address needs of individual clients in a private class setting.

  • Classes for people struggling with mobility challenges i.e. chronic arthritis or back/spinal issues.
  • Classes addressing specific pain zones, caused by biomechanics or motor control problems.
  • Classes for clients with occupational trauma or injuries.
  • Combined nutrition and yoga classes.
  • Classes for baby-boomers.
  • Classes for seniors and elderly.
  • Private classes addressing musculoskeletal imbalances of an individual client.

We invite you to browse through the wide range of our courses and programs and select the study that best meets your professional goals.

Click on the video below to watch an interview wit the LCO graduates currently implementing osteopathy and yoga in their day-to-day work.

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