Osteopathic Models of Health & Disease

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US $179.00

Osteopathic Models of Health & Disease

Tuition Fee
US $179.00

Course Objectives

This course delves deeper into the principles of osteopathy and the osteopathic approach to health and disease. The fundamental tenets of osteopathy are examined further, particularly in relation to spinal motion and dysfunctions. An overview of techniques is provided as well as their mechanism and indication for osteopathic treatment. Safety and ethics in manual practice are discussed.

At the completion of the course students will be able to distinguish five structure-function models of osteopathic care: Bio-mechanical — Respiratory/Circulatory — Neurological — Bio-psychosocial — Bioenergetic and how they relate to the musculoskeletal framework.


Lecture Slides, Related videos, Handouts/Readings


2 quizzes. Final exam. Passing Grade is 70%.

Continuing Education:

Continuing Education Units (CEUs): 2.5
1 CE= 10 study hours
Completion of this course requires 25 hours

Course Curriculum

Estimated completion time of this course is 25 hours.

This course is delivered online through a series of 3 interactive lectures and video tutorials covering a wide range of topics:

  • Osteopathic models of disease – functional vs. structural disease.
  • The role of environmental, genetic and affliction factors in the disease process.
  • Osteopathic lesion and how can it be diagnosed.
  • Osteopathic approach to spinal motion and the Fryette’s principles.
  • The major differences between direct and indirect osteopathic techniques.
  • The five structure-function models of osteopathic care.

Lecture 1.

Lecture 2.

Lecture 3.

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Course Reviews

Running coach
This is the best course about osteopathic stand on disease develpoment. An interesting subject and is well explained.
Yoga Instructor
This course is very useful! Ideal for anyone who wishes to get an introduction to the osteopathic medicine.
S. Rostov
Personal trainer
I am a personal trainer working mostly with older clients…this course helped me better communicate with my clients about their health concerns.


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